Shoulder Surgery And Recovering From Shoulder Pain

Some of the patients who need to fix their shoulders surgically will have issues with the muscles connected to the shoulder area. Other patients will have problems with the joint of the shoulder specifically. Both of these sets of problems will influence one another, however, making it particularly important for patients to get surgery if they need it. The people who have developed arthritis in their shoulders might need surgery immediately.

Complex Meniscus Tears And Surgical Procedures

If you have developed a complex meniscus tear in one of your knees, then you will likely need to go through an orthopedic procedure called a meniscotomy. Keep reading to understand what a complex tear is and how a surgical procedure can help. What Is A Complex Meniscus Tear? A complex meniscus tear is an injury that typically involves the inner portion of the meniscus. The meniscus as a whole keeps the knee healthy by absorbing shock and stopping the end of the femur and tibia from rubbing against one another.