Supporting Compensation Claims Using Orthopedic Evaluations

Insurance and compensation claims usually require an independent medical professional to provide a report that corroborates or dismisses the claims. Attorneys and insurance adjusters rely on independent medical evaluation reports to determine the veracity of personal injuries and workers' compensation claims. For example, people often suffer injuries following accidents, some of which are classified as musculoskeletal injuries. Attorneys rely on independent orthopedic evaluations to determine the extent of the musculoskeletal injuries and the expected recovery period.

Should You Have Your Hip Replacement Performed Though An Anterior Incision?

For many years, hip replacement procedures were performed through a posterior incision — an incision made along the back of the hip and thigh. In recent years, though, it has become more common for patients to have their hip replacement performed through an anterior incision — an incision along the front of the leg and hip. This approach tends to work better for many patients, but there are still some downsides to consider and talk about with your surgeon, too.