Shoulder Surgery And Recovering From Shoulder Pain

Some of the patients who need to fix their shoulders surgically will have issues with the muscles connected to the shoulder area. Other patients will have problems with the joint of the shoulder specifically. Both of these sets of problems will influence one another, however, making it particularly important for patients to get surgery if they need it. The people who have developed arthritis in their shoulders might need surgery immediately. 

Patients Who Have Arthritic Shoulders Often Need Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Arthritis is an incredibly painful condition. Many people will eventually get some of the symptoms associated with arthritis. Arthritic shoulders can be particularly difficult to live with, since people move their shoulder joints so frequently. The people who lead very sedentary lifestyles might be able to avoid using their knees. Shoulder pain can be much more persistent.

Some of the candidates for shoulder replacement surgery will have severe and constant shoulder pains. Other patients might need these sorts of surgical procedures because their shoulder movements have become very restricted. Patients who have arthritic shoulders might experience both sorts of problems at once. Shoulder replacement surgery will be familiar to the patients who have had their knees and hips replaced. 

Shoulder Replacement Surgery is Similar to Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery

During the shoulder replacement surgical procedure, the surgeons locate the damaged areas within the shoulder and remove them. Surgeons then replace those sections of the shoulder with artificial parts. Generally speaking, surgeons will follow a similar procedure when they treat arthritic hips and knees. Thanks to the shoulder replacement surgical procedure, patients will be able to regain the full use of their shoulders. Recovering from shoulder replacement surgery can take time, but it's a successful surgery for most patients. 

Patients Who Have Had Shoulder Replacement Surgery Will Need to Change Their Habits and Follow Certain Physical Therapy Procedures

The people who have just had shoulder replacement surgery and surgical procedures involving the shoulder will sometimes need a new sleeping position. They'll need to avoid putting too much pressure on their shoulders as they sleep. Most of these patients will also work with a physical therapist. They'll need to strengthen the muscles in their shoulders and the surrounding areas. People who already had a lot of upper body strength will usually have an easier time with this part of the process. However, most patients respond well to physical therapy.

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