4 Reasons Orthopedics Prescribe Custom Orthotics

Are you experiencing foot pain? If so, consider seeing an orthopedic to assess your issue. They may prescribe orthotics to mitigate the pain. Unfortunately, many patients do not understand what type of orthotics they need; many spend a lot of money and time on the wrong inserts translating to intensified foot pain. It is important to consider custom orthotics specifically designed to fit the size and contours of your feet, as they provide the necessary support you require. The blog shall discuss four essential health benefits of wearing custom orthotics.

They Are Effective in Correcting Feet Defects

Various foot abnormalities prompt the need for orthotics. These include bursitis, arthritis, bunions, diabetic neuropathy, or flat feet. Most of these foot abnormalities can cause significant pain in your feet and other body parts. This may occur due to increased strain on the knee joints, ankles, or lower back that may interfere with your body balance to compensate for poor foot alignment. With that in mind, your doctor may prescribe custom orthotics to foster alignment.

They Provide Feet Reinforcement and Comfort

The number one goal of orthotics is to provide support to defective feet. Wearing custom orthotics can stabilize your feet and body while standing or walking. The beauty of wearing custom orthotics is they are specifically designed for one's size and shape of feet to provide balance and support along the surface of the feet.

They Offer Long-Term Pain Relief

Foot orthotics are meant to improve your quality of life. If you are experiencing back pain or foot pain while walking or standing, there is a chance you have a misaligned bone structure. These custom orthotics are meant to improve your posture by supporting the surface of your feet, thus aligning the bones from your feet to your back, easing your back pain. The orthotics act as shock absorbers that lessen your ankle, knee, and hip pain, allowing you to stand, walk, or run effectively.

They Foster Timely Injury Recovery

Many athletes globally are at risk of sustaining foot injuries. These injuries may include, plantar fasciitis, a condition brought about by inflammation at the bottom of the feet, or sprains and stress fractures. So, if you are into sports or love working out, you are advised to wear custom orthotics to help you with your movement while running, jumping, or playing your favorite sport. So, by wearing custom orthotics, you are assured of improved foot and leg motion, control, movement, protection, and reduced muscle strain. Ultimately, orthotics improve your athletic performance in the long run.