Having Knee Problems? You May Need Total Joint Replacement Surgery

If you are having constant knee problems, one thing the doctor may suggest is total joint replacement surgery. Knee problems can happen from injury, arthritis, and more. The doctor may try other treatments first, such as physical therapy, taking medications, wearing a brace, etc. If these do not work this type of surgery will be suggested.  Total Joint Replacement With a total joint replacement, the doctor removes the damaged joint and then replaces it with a prosthesis made of ceramic, plastic, or metal.

When To See A Doctor For Heel Pain

Heel pain may occur due to injury that caused damage to your bones, muscles, and tendons around the heel. Additionally, wearing footwear without proper support may cause your heels to ache. Moreover, conditions including Achilles tendonitis and heel spurs may cause heel pain. If the pain is mild, you can try home remedies such as icing your foot, buying pain medication, and elevating or resting your foot to manage the pain.